Managing your Veterinary Clinic has never been this easy.

Every minute counts! Managing a veterinary clinic is never easy, more so with such little time on your hands. Let kumoVet manage the clinic operations while you focus on growing the business.

Partner with us today and you'll be amazed with what kumoVet has to offer.
“Working with you as partners rather than vendors; continuously improving to provide the best for your clinic business.”

Never miss a scheduled vet appointment and no more overbookings

Easily create appointments. With the automated reminders available, you can expect minimised follow-up calls and reschedules. Appointments created in kumoVet will automatically synchronise with customers' phone calendar, reminding them of the upcoming appointment. Their response of either “Confirmed” or “Reject” set from the phone will be automatically sent to the clinic's e-mail.

Patient's treatments and more in one view

Embrace the future of managing a veterinary clinic! kumoVet EMR is so robust, you can expect improved patient treatment tracking and ease of information retrieval. Past pet vaccination and pet owner records are all structurally stored and retrieved in a unified manner, thus vastly improving the clinic's efficiency and communication. Being a true full cloud system, all patients’ EMR and owner records follow you at all times, as it is easily accessible on any device.

Take notes on patients' treatments and diagnoses

Ordinary Case Notes are so yesterday. With kumoVet's Case Notes, you would be able to include anatomical images and annotate or electronically draw on them. Pin important notes so that they appear on top of the list at all times, reminding you of important details when a cutie comes in for a return visit.

Create collages of patients' treatment journey

Ease communication with pet owners by using kumoVet's picture collaging feature. Pictures taken can now be created as collages in a multi-grid view. With various multi-grid layouts to choose from, you would be able to capture the progressive recovery of patients and easily communicate to owners through collages on tablet devices.

Secure transactions and reduced fraud with VetPOS module

With a busy schedule and multiple employees handling the register, it is difficult to keep track of monies coming into the business. kumoVet's VetPOS module secures all transactions, limiting the reception's ability to alter transactions. What's more, when a doctor keys in treatments or medications into Case Notes, VetPOS automatically links it to the front desk billing, securing it from any unauthorised changes.

No more paper trails with a true, full cloud-based Vet Management System

Do you still use paper based forms in the veterinary clinic? Time to reduce clutter and Go Digital! With a form builder, you can now design and create own indemnity or consultation form templates, which will be auto uploaded into the patients' EMR when used. The form builder is so intuitive that it would be able to include your own anatomy templates and annotate them within the form during the patient's visit. Pet owners will also be able to e-sign these forms, giving you peace of mind as all documents are stored securely in kumoVet.

Track Medication Batch, Expiry and Drug Mix

Manage purchases with suppliers through the available inventory module. Track purchase orders for suppliers, transfer orders, and stock requests for inter-branch transfers, and perform accurate inter-outlet billing.

Each product, consumable and drug is logged according to batches, cost prices and expiry dates, ensuring you have proper control of what to dispense. With the Advanced Medical Inventory feature, drugs will be dispensed according to expiry dates and batches; AUTOMATICALLY!

Dispense medication with prescriptions to customers

Easily prescribe drugs based on tablet or liquid form with accuracy. Drug batches along with their expiry and cost price are automatically managed and calculated when dispensed to patients.

What's more, when its time for a return visit due to depletion of medication, kumoVet would automatically remind pet owners to replenish their pet's medication.

Manage employees' clock-in and clock-out using kumoSan app

As your veterinary business grows, so does the challenge of managing nurses and doctors. kumoVet makes it easier with its kumoSan app that is built solely for your employees. It allows them to securely clock-in and clock-out of work, keep track of the appointments and commissions. It also sends a notification when commissions are earned; keeping them motivated at all times!

You would also be able to assign tasks to your employees and they would be able to track and complete them over the app.

Automated e-mailer that provides insights on clinic performance

Business performance on your fingertips, LITERALLY! kumoVet sends you an e-mail every morning, reporting the performance of all branches in terms of sales, appointments and cancellations. This would give you important information at a glance when you're up, allowing you to make timely decisions and changes when you reach your clinic.

The future of pet consultation through Telehealth

Pet owners requesting for an online video consultation? Not a problem. Easily set up a video call with them from anywhere around the world. All you'll need to do is mark your appointment as a "Telehealth" and an encrypted link will be sent for them to easily hop on the video call. No third-party apps or extra charges required. kumoVet's Telehealth is simple, straightforward and fuss-free.

Start selling online with our veterinary clinic software

Go beyond a physical clinic, start selling your services online with kumoVet's integrated Webstore. Besides using the Webstore, you could even opt to use MeTIME Wellness app, customers will be able to purchase and even make bookings over the app.

FAQs About kumoVet™ Veterinary Clinic Software

How does kumoVet™ differ from other vet and general Clinic Management Software?

For starters, kumoVet is built integrated with an Owner-Pet “relationship registration” feature. This allows a structured information storage, making it clear for doctors to view treatments done on patients along with past transactions done based on each pet.

Are there any setup costs in implementing kumoVet™ Vet Clinic Management Software?

No added costs in implementing kumoVet. If extra support services are required such as migration from legacy systems, kumoVet will be able to assist.

What are the hardware requirements to run kumoVet’s Vet Clinic Management System?

KumoVet runs not only on the web but as an app on tablet devices.

For the web, it runs on the latest Google Chrome. We recommend an Intel i5 processor or AMD Ryzen 5 with 8GB RAM and SSD at the very least to be able to run kumoDent efficiently.

Is training included with kumoVet’s Vet Clinic Management System?

Yes, kumoVet comes included with a video-based training that can be referred at anytime.

Is it possible to migrate data from my legacy vet clinic management systems into kumoVet™?

Migrating data into kumoVet™ is straight-forward, provided you have the data of your patients and their case notes in a spreadsheet. kumoVet™ comes with a self-migration tool which is a wizard based migration. It is straight-forward enough, our users are able to do it themselves.

I’m not well versed with technology and systems. How difficult is it to use kumoVet™ veterinary clinic software?

Kumo™ ( invests heavily on its UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience) with updates to improve flow and reduce clicks in all of its products. The system comes with tooltips on its features, ensuring you know how they are able to function.

Can kumoVet™ veterinary management system integrate with other systems used by my vet clinic?

Yes, we have API integration services available as an add-on.

Digitalise Your Vet Clinic with a True, Full Cloud based Management System

We've got your back! Kumo has been around for many years, focusing on Medical Aesthetics, Beauty, Wellness and Dental (under Aoikumo and kumoDent brand names respectively ).

With a proven track record of prominent brands throughout APAC running under Aoikumo and kumoDent platform, kumoVet was built with the same technology and formula; to be dedicated towards serving the industry with great innovative and technologically driven products. Look no further, as we are confident that kumoVet will be able to cover most of your business needs, now and in the future. Our products never age, they only mature.

Industries We Cater To

Vet Clinics

Animal Medical Centres

Pet Grooming Centres


A dedicated team with an intuitive platform built for veterinary clinics to increase efficiency and set up the business for success

All-in-One Clinic Management System

All features integrated into one system, accessible through web and mobile apps supported on Google Chrome, iOS and Android

User-Friendly System, Emphasizing on Experience

Built to focus on user experience, you will wonder why you did not use kumoVet earlier

Cloud Technology

Resilient and real-time cloud technology with continuous automated daily backup

Secured, Robust & Stable

Secured, stable and robust, with data encrypted using Microsoft Azure technology with 99.9% SLA

Lifetime Updates

Continuous lifetime feature updates, fixes and dedicated support

No Commitments

Simple and easy sign-up, without any contractual commitments, upfront or cancellation fee

Multilingual Support

English, Chinese (中文), Thai and Bahasa Indonesia with other languages currently being added on

Payment Integration with EFT terminal is available

Supports all banks, online transfers and major e-Wallets in Malaysia

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