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    Questions? We have answers.

    I am only working in a center/clinic that uses kumoVet. Can I still provide a referral?

    Yes, of course! Our Kumo Referral Program is for all type of users, not just business owners. Fill out the referral form* to participate and earn incentives.
    *All submissions will be handled in a private and confidential manner.

    Who should I refer you to?

    Any business owner, manager or the decision maker of a beauty, aesthetics, dental clinic, wellness centre or vet services business owner.

    What do I earn once the referral I provide is successful?

    You’ll earn the 1-month subscription fee (maximum of 1 outlet per client, after tax) for each successful referral.
    Referral incentives are typically processed within 60 days.
    *See Terms & Conditions for more info on what is covered within the subscription fee

    What is a successful referral?

    A successful referral refers to:
    1. A referral who subscribes to any of the Kumo plan, either monthly or annually
    2. Referred Customer needs to be actively signed up with payment for at least 2 months.

    Are customers in all countries eligible to refer and earn incentives?

    You can refer and earn incentives no matter what country your business is in. You’ll earn the 1-month incentive based on your existing sign up package in your national currency.

    Still have questions?

    Check out our full terms and conditions or get in touch for more information.

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